LoRA Based GPS Tracker

Track and protect valuable assets on our LoRA based gps tracker networks with location and movement history, smart periodic or movement-based tracking technology, geofencing, sensor monitoring, and more with our range of LoRa based GPS trackers.

Skylabs LoRA based GPS trackers solution

Our loRA-Based GPS Tracker is based on standard LoRa-Based protocol for assets tracking, which built-in GPS & 9-Axis Motion Tracking sensor. Ideal to optimize (intra-) logistic process in the field of container- and asset management, warehouse and inventory scenarios, outdoor tracking, theft protection and much more. In a definable interval, it automatically reports its identification number, movement and acceleration data as well as the position. Skylabs also could provide customized service to suit your application scenarios.

For vehicles, not having their own power supply



Advantage of LoRA Based GPS solution

Сase protection IP67

Unlimited autonomy Saving

High transfer data rate

Energy Saving

Low power consumption

Low traffic consumption

Works with all smart cards

Access control and driver identification

Full cycle of Skylabs LoRA based project service

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