Skylabs Universal onboard transport system

Whatever your requirements may be, be it thick panels of up to 6mm or panels as thin as 25µm with 2×2µm copper clad, with the unique Skylabs universal transport system your line is equipped to safely transport a broad range of PCBs.


  • Direct connection upto four IP camers.
  • Can manage external hardware through two outputs to execute devices.
  • Collection of data from CAN, RS485, RS232 or 8 discrete inputs from sensors.
  • Data from on-Board systems, hinged and towing equipment are transmitted in a single protocol.
  • Does not interfere in the operation and integrity of the equipments.
  • Determines the exact time and location using GLONASS / GPS.
  • Compatible with monitoring platform.
  • Work in difficult physical climate conditions such as vibration, temperature changes etc.

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