Skylabs proudly designs, develops, and deploys Electronic Fare Meters (EFMs) for auto-rickshaws and taxis, setting new industry standards for accurate fare calculation. Skylabs EFM is distinguished by its use of cutting-edge technology, making it a pioneer in the field of electronic fare calculation.
Our Electronic Fare Meter is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring precise and dependable fare calculations for passengers and drivers alike. Skylabs EFM goes beyond traditional fare meters by providing an advanced, user-friendly experience that enhances transparency and trust in the transportation service.
By incorporating innovative features and adhering to the highest industry standards, Skylabs EFM has become the go-to choice for auto-rickshaws and taxi services. Our commitment to excellence in design and technology deployment has redefined fare calculation in the transportation sector, offering passengers a reliable and fair pricing system while providing drivers with a valuable tool for efficient service delivery.
Skylabs continues to lead the way in revolutionizing fare meters, setting a commendable example for the industry with our dedication to accuracy, transparency, and technological innovation.


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