Skylabs specializes in delivering a diverse range of RFID card solutions tailored to your business requirements. From Low Frequency to High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency options, we offer versatile choices, including PVC cards, PVC sheets, hotel keys, school automation attendance cards, access cards, smart city tokens, and more. Our expertise ensures you get precisely what you need for seamless operations.

RFID Cards Solution: Skylabs Solution offers a comprehensive RFID Cards Solution that encompasses a range of card types and materials, catering to diverse needs across various industries. Our RFID Cards Solution combines technology and functionality to deliver cards that are efficient, secure, and versatile.

PVC Sheets & RFID Card Prelam: Our RFID Cards Solution includes PVC Sheets and RFID Card Prelam, which are essential components for RFID card manufacturing. These RFID card inlays, also known as pre-lams, are utilized in RFID card factories to produce high-quality RFID cards efficiently.

PVC Cards / RFID Cards / Paper Cards: We provide a variety of card options, including PVC Cards, RFID Cards, and Paper Cards. These cards serve multiple purposes, from basic paper cards used for park tickets and business cards to sophisticated RFID-enabled cards for advanced applications.

White Printable Cards: Our RFID Cards Solution includes white printable cards that are designed for thermal printers and inkjet printers. These cards feature high-quality edges and overlays that allow for clear and professional logo printing, ensuring a polished appearance.

Hotel Key Cards | Contact IC Cards: For the hospitality industry, our RFID Hotel Key Cards enhance guest experiences by providing secure and convenient room access. Additionally, we offer Contact IC Cards, ideal for applications requiring physical contact for card reading.

Application Areas:

  • Access Control: RFID cards offer secure and efficient access to buildings, rooms, and restricted areas.
  • Hospitality: RFID Hotel Key Cards streamline check-in processes and enhance guest convenience.
  • Retail: Loyalty cards and RFID-enabled payment solutions provide personalized customer experiences.
  • Transportation: RFID cards facilitate seamless public transportation access and fare payment.
  • Healthcare: RFID cards aid patient identification and secure access to medical facilities.
  • Event Management: RFID cards streamline entry and crowd management at events and venues.
  • Education: Student IDs and access control solutions improve campus security.
  • Supply Chain: RFID-enabled inventory and asset tracking optimize logistics and operations.

Skylabs Solution's RFID Cards Solution caters to a wide range of industries and applications, ensuring that businesses can access the right card solutions to meet their unique needs. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our RFID cards provide seamless functionality, security, and visual appeal.


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