Skylabs has designed and deployed a revolutionary Intelligent Transport Management System (ITMS) tailored for Fleet Operators, Retail Chain Companies, and City Bus Depots. This comprehensive solution encompasses all critical aspects of fleet management, including:

  1. Streamlined Operation & Maintenance Management.
  2. Real-time Outshedding Status Tracking (Depot In & Depot Out).
  3. Efficient Tracking Functionality (Vehicle Number, Driver Name, Route Number, Speed).
  4. Roster Activity Management (Daily, Monthly, and Yearly).
  5. Access to GPS Data, CAN Data, Live Vehicle, and Passenger Feeds (Live & Historical).
  6. Data Communication for Depots and Authorities.
  7. SOS Alerts and Email Generation for Higher Management.
  8. Simple Handling of Driver Complaints Related to Vehicle Parts.
  9. Employee Management System (Duty Allocation for Drivers and Employees).
  10. Easy Management of Tyre and Battery Linking/Delinking on a Vehicle Basis.
  11. Tracking Total Kilometers for Billing Reports.
  12. Comprehensive Reporting for Depot Operations and Maintenance (e.g., Shift Status, Trip Status, Missed Bus Stops, Duty Reports, Infraction Reports, Stay Reports, Location Reports, Route Violation Reports).

This innovative ITMS solution offers a robust and efficient platform for optimizing fleet operations and ensuring smooth, data-driven management.


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