ORSAC : Skylabs has successfully deployed advanced GPS devices, marking a significant achievement in the field of technology and safety for the mining sector in Odisha. With their expertise and dedication to innovation, Skylabs has ensured the seamless operation of nearly 25,000 GPS-based vehicle devices, each equipped with ICAT-certified technology and embedded SIM cards offering dual-network connectivity.
These devices have played a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of mining operations across the region. Skylabs' commitment to excellence is evident in its real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing for precise tracking of vehicle locations, routes, and performance. This, in turn, has led to optimized logistics and resource utilization, improving overall operational efficiency.
Furthermore, Skylabs' GPS devices contribute significantly to creating a safer working environment by providing essential data for accident prevention and facilitating swift emergency responses when needed. Skylabs' dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology has set new industry standards and emphasized the importance of safety in mining operations.
With Skylabs' innovative GPS solutions at the forefront, the mining industry in Odisha is poised for a future marked by increased productivity, efficiency, and, above all, enhanced safety measures. Skylabs continues to lead the way in technological advancements and safety standards within the mining sector, setting a commendable example for the industry as a whole.


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