Solid Waste Management : We have successfully designed and deployed an RFID and GPS-based Smart Solid Waste Management Solution, representing a significant advancement in urban waste management. Our robust turnkey Solid Waste Management (SWM) project ensures an impressive 99.99% operational efficiency within the city while promoting transparency in waste handling and disposal processes.
In addition to our innovative SWM solution, we have also developed and deployed a citizen-centric mobile application. This app empowers city residents to raise any concerns they may have regarding waste collection and management. It serves as a direct communication channel between the city's residents and waste management authorities, facilitating a more responsive and citizen-oriented waste collection system.
Together, our Smart Solid Waste Management Solution and citizen-addressable mobile app exemplify our commitment to leveraging technology for efficient, transparent, and community-driven urban waste management. These initiatives contribute to cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable urban environments while enhancing the quality of life for city residents.


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